What Color Diamond Is The Most Expensive?

What Color Diamond Is The Most Expensive?

The simple answer is that the rarest diamonds are the most expensive. But supply and demand also dictate the price of the diamond in the market. Before mentioning the most expensive diamond, let's start with the most expensive white diamond color.

What Is The Most Expensive White Diamond?

Diamonds come in different colors. We have the fancy colored diamonds and white diamonds that are essentially colorless. Even though colored diamonds are the rarest, making only 0.1% of all diamonds, some grades of white diamonds might cost more than colored. The cost of white diamonds is determined by their properties that might make them more attractive. White diamonds are graded on an alphabetic scale from D to Z. The most expensive white diamond has a D color grade.

Why Is White Diamond With A "D Color" Expensive?

It’s very difficult to find colorless diamonds. Like fine art, the more rare, the higher the price.

Red Diamonds Are The Most Expensive Color Of Diamonds

As the rules of the economy dictate, the rarest diamond is the most expensive. Red diamonds are the rarest diamond color in the world. They come only in fancy intensity, and they have purplish color modifiers. It is impossible to find a pure red diamond. The price of red diamonds is dramatically different based on how red they are. Red diamond is so rare that the price spikes, even if the red color is the secondary modifier. It is the only red color with such a dramatic effect as a modifier. There are less than 30 red diamonds in the world.

How Red Diamonds Get Their Color

Red diamonds get their color from a rare process during formation. The process changes the crystal structure of the diamond and makes light pass through it differently from other colorless diamonds. The process is so uncommon, making the red diamonds extremely small in size. It is difficult to find a red diamond that is larger than one carat.

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