What Is A CVD Diamond?

What Is A CVD Diamond?

Looking to buy a piece of diamond jewelry for a loved one, but the price is way out of your budget? Don't give up; the dreams are still valid. Surprise your loved one with a synthetic CVD diamond.

CVD diamonds have gained popularity in recent years. These stones can easily pass off for natural diamonds. They have similar chemical compositions and qualities and are priced lower than natural diamonds.

CVD diamonds make an excellent alternative to natural diamonds. This article defines CVD diamonds, their origin, value, and chemical composition:

What Is A CVD Diamond?

CVD means Chemical Vapor Deposition. CVD diamonds refer to artificial diamonds grown through chemical vapor deposition in the laboratory. CVD diamonds are produced via a natural gas breakdown in a vacuum chamber under controlled heat and pressure around a starter diamond.

Origins Of CVD Diamonds

CVD diamonds were first lab-grown by General Electric in 1995 after issuing the first CVD diamond patent. Though the diamonds met much skepticism, they have gained popularity of late.

How To Identify CVD Diamonds

CVD diamonds are 100% authentic, natural and can be differentiated from natural diamonds via different means. Here are ways to identify a CVD diamond:

  • Microscope: A powerful microscope can identify a CVD diamond's pattern and chemical structure from a natural diamond.
  • Diamond Tester: A diamond tester tests for the electrical conductivity to determine if it's natural
  • Ultraviolet Lamp: CVD diamonds appear blue when exposed to ultraviolet light
  • Diamond Viewing Machine: CVD diamonds will appear as dark red fluorescence when viewed with a diamond viewing machine

Benefits of CVD Diamonds

CVD diamonds have their advantages over natural diamonds. Here are the benefits of CVD diamonds:

  • Priced lower than natural diamonds
  • Come in different sizes, shapes, and colors
  • Environmental friendly
  • Have the qualities of natural stones: Have the fire, sparkle, and brilliance

Cost of CVD Diamonds

CVD diamonds are priced 20% to 30% lower than natural stones. For the price of 1.5 carats of natural diamond, you can get 2-carat of CVD diamond. CVD diamonds are more affordable than natural stones. These diamonds are not subjected to enormous mining costs and supply chain inflation.


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