What Makes A Diamond Sparkle?

What Makes A Diamond Sparkle?

Even though diamonds have other fascinating features, it's their dazzling sparkle that makes them stand out. It's one of the reasons why stone is preferred for jewelry and engagement rings. The sparkle in diamond is due to how the stone interacts with light. The type of cut determines how the diamond reacts to the light that surrounds it. A diamond that is beautifully cut will sparkle best. For a diamond, the following elements must be in balance.


It refers to the amount of white light that is reflected through the diamond. The two components of brilliance are external and internal illumination. Step cut diamonds have external brilliance. External illumination is when light bounces off the facets on the stone's exterior. Internal brilliance is when light bounces inside the diamond. Brilliance gives the diamond its brightness.


Spectral hues of rainbow colors get illuminated whenever the refraction of light occurs. The colors are violet, red, green, yellow, orange, and blue which are collectively known as fire. Fire is the stones' ability to reflect colored light.

Diamond Cut

The sparkle depends on the cut quality. The stone cut affects how it reacts to the surrounding light which influences its visual beauty. Uncut diamonds don't have the facets for the light reflection to occur. Once the diamond has been cut, the angles affect its light performance. When the light enters the diamond through its facets, you'll see it sparkle in different rainbow colors.


When the diamond moves through the light, it creates a dazzling optical effect. The scintillation varies depending on the light the stone is exposed to. Heavier diamonds have non-round shapes which expose their facets to light and increase the sparkle.

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