Which Diamond Shape Are You? 10 Diamond Shapes That Fit You and Your Personality

Did you know there are 10 different diamond shapes? With having so many to choose from, you start to wonder which one fits you and your personality. Well don’t worry- we got you covered. We have listed all of the diamond shapes and some personality traits that will guide you to choosing the perfect one! 1. Round Diamond A Round diamond is actually one of the most popular diamond shapes used for engagement rings. Due to the brilliant cut this diamond has, the sparkle is like no other. This diamond shape is very versatile and modern, making the shape timeless. Brides who choose round diamonds for their engagement rings would consider themselves to be classic, timeless and traditional. Some celebrities who have been given round diamond engagement rings are Madonna, Barbara Streisand and Mary J. Blige.

Round Diamond

2. Princess Diamond A Princess diamond is another popular shape used for engagement rings. This diamond is cut to have four corners, so prongs should always be set to protect it. Princess shaped diamonds are always a good choice because of their versatility, making it easier to work with almost any type of ring style. Brides tend to choose princess shaped diamonds if they are looking for a diamond with a traditional appeal, but with a modern twist. So if you consider yourself to be trendy, flirty and lively, this shape is for you! Some celebrities who have princess diamond engagement rings are Jessica Biel and Christine Baumgartner.

princess cut diamond

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4. Cushion Diamond A Cushion diamond has a square cut with round corners, giving the allusion of a pillow (hence the name cushion). As one of the most popular diamond shapes a century ago, this diamond gives off a feeling of elegance, romance and clarity. Brides who choose cushion diamonds consider themselves to be fashionable and romantic. Some celebrities who have cushion diamond engagement rings are Brooke Shields, Jennifer Garner, and Giuliana Rancic.


5. Asscher Diamond An Asscher diamond is very similar to the emerald cut; however it is a square cut instead of a rectangular. This diamond produces more brilliance than an emerald diamond because of the larger step facets, a higher crown and smaller table. Asscher diamonds used to only be found in vintage and antique shops because they were very popular in the 1920s, however they became increasingly popular again after Carrie Bradshaw modeled an asscher-cut diamond when she became shortly engaged to Aidan Shaw on Sex and the City. Brides who choose asscher diamonds would describe themselves as being vintage, unique, feminine, and elegant. Some celebrities with asscher diamond engagement rings are Jessica Alba, Gwynth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon and Zooey Deschanel.

Assher Diamond

6. Radiant Diamond A Radiant diamond is more difficult to find than other diamond shapes, and therefore is not commonly used for engagement rings. Although not commonly used, this diamond gives off a beautiful and elegant look because of its balance between a cushion cut and princess cut diamond. Brides choose radiant diamonds if they find themselves to be fun, flirty, and confident. A celebrity who was given a radiant diamond for her engagement ring was Jennifer Lopez.

Radiant Diamond

7. Heart Diamond Heart diamonds are one of a kind. Although used as a novelty more than for engagement rings, those who choose heart diamonds are to have something to symbolize their love. It can be a little difficult to execute, so make sure to examine the diamond for any flaws. If you’re sentimental, and a hopeless romantic than this shape is for you! Celebrities such as Joan Collins and Andrea Hissom wear heart shaped diamond engagement rings.

Heart Diamond

Looking for more diamond education? Check out our guides on the 4 C’s —-- Color, cut, clarity, and carat! 8. Oval Diamond Oval diamonds have an amazing brilliance to them. This shape is used a lot as a solitaire, especially amongst brides with smaller hands and shorter fingers. The oval shape of the diamond gives a longer illusion to the hand, resulting in more slender-looking fingers. Brides who tend to like oval shaped diamonds would describe themselves as being creative, bold, innovative and unique. Some celebrities with oval diamond engagement rings are Kate Middleton, Toni Braxton, and Katie Holmes.

oval diamond

9. Marquise Diamond Marquise diamonds are long and narrow and tend to look like a football. Due to the shape of the diamond, it gives off a larger shape than it is. The long shape of the diamond allows for fingers to look leaner. Brides who tend to like marquise diamonds are outgoing, and elegant. Celebrities who have marquise engagement rings are Victoria Beckham and Catherine Zeta-Jones.


10. Pear Diamond Pear diamonds are shaped like teardrops; the diamond is a combination of a round and marquis shaped diamond with a narrow end point. The diamond is worn by having the tapered end of the diamond towards hand of the wearer. Brides who enjoy wearing pear diamond rings consider themselves to be unique, fun and adventurous. Famous pear diamond ring wearers are Catherine Heigl and Anne Hathaway.

Pear Diamond

Remember-at the end of the day you want a diamond that describes who you are. Whether you're flirty, fun and confident or traditional and classic, there is a diamond shape just right for you!