Diamond ring in a red box next to a red rose

Why Are Diamonds Considered a Symbol of Love?

Because of their association with marriage, we take it for granted that diamonds are the gemological representation of love. But further investigation begs the question: why did we anoint diamonds, not rubies, emeralds, or any of the other beautiful jewels, as the undisputed symbol of commitment? 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, this article explores the history behind the diamond’s cultural significance and explains why it’s remained the physical embodiment of romantic love throughout the years. 

Endurance and Longevity

If true love is everlasting, naturally mined diamonds are a fitting metaphor. Formed under intense pressure and heat deep within the Earth’s mantle, they’re one of the hardest substances on Earth. Like diamonds, a relationship matures and strengthens over time under the pleasures and pressures inherent in everyday life. At the end of the journey, the result is a beautiful, timeless, and unbreakable bond. 

Marriage is meant to be an unbroken, unending commitment. Few things in the natural world stand the test of like a diamond. When someone proposes, they’re pledging their lifelong devotion to another; only one stone fits the occasion.

Scarcity and Rarity 

Finding your person means choosing one out of billions. That’s as rare as it gets. The supply of available diamonds in the market is similarly scarce, making it extra special when you give one as a sign of your lifelong commitment (or even just as a way to say ‘I love you’). 

Additionally, no two diamonds are exactly alike. Though the differences may be subtle, each stone has unique characteristics to be cherished, just like your partner and relationship.   

The Sparkle’s Significance 

You’ve probably heard someone mention the ‘spark’ when referencing their loved one. Although many associate the term with the early phases of a relationship, a diamond is a perpetual reminder that it should endure through the years. 

Just as a high-quality diamond shines and sparkles eternally, you should always remember how you felt when you fell in love with the person who now wears the symbol on their finger. 

Cultural and Historical Significance 

Historians trace the diamond’s association with love, and more specifically, marriage, back to the mid-1940s. The De Beers company, one of the most prominent names in the industry at the time, began promoting the idea that “A Diamond is Forever.” With marriage also being eternal, it’s only logical that one would come to represent the other. 

Prior to the De Beers campaign, engagement rings included other precious stones. But at that time, the concept of an engagement ring wasn’t culturally pervasive and hadn’t yet become the cultural norm. Fast forward nearly a century, and it’s hard to imagine an engagement or marriage without a diamond. 

If you trace the wearing of diamonds back even further, it’s unsurprising that these brilliant stones have had a distinct appeal for thousands of years. The historical record reveals Alexander the Great brought diamonds from India to Europe in 327 B.C. However, it wasn’t for several hundred years that royals began including diamonds in their jewelry. The first instance is said to be in 1074 when a Hungarian Queen adorned her crown with these sparkling stones. 

The diamond has long held its significance in human societies for one reason: we value owning, giving, and passing down beautiful things. Just as a diamond endures across millennia, so too has the idea that special moments deserve to be accompanied by symbolic physical treasures. 

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