Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Real?

Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Real?

If you've been hunting for diamonds for some time, you've probably come across a type of diamond known as enhanced diamonds. A good jeweler will let you know if the diamonds you're looking at have been enhanced, but not many may be that considerate. A clear understanding of these types of diamonds will be your best defense.

What Are Enhanced Diamonds?

The beauty and value of a diamond lies in its perfection, but not all diamonds are able to achieve perfection. Some come with heavy inclusions which affect their integrity, transparency and structure. Heavily included diamonds don't attract much at the market, forcing jewelers to treat them for clarity in a process of enhancement.

Is A Clarity Enhanced Diamond Real?

These diamonds were originally natural and real, but the process of clarity enhancement turns them into an artificial article with less value compared to their natural counterparts. Laser drilling may leave behind some white lines, while fracture filling introduces plastic into the diamond, making it perfect but with less value.

Methods Of Clarity Enhancement

Two main ways jewelers treat enhanced diamonds for clarity are as follows:

Laser Drilling

This method involved the use of heat or chemicals to make the flaws/inclusions in the diamonds less visible. But this process results in white lines that don't follow the natural growing pattern of the diamond. This method can bleach out discolored or black inclusions, turning the diamond white again.

Fracture Filling

Some diamonds occur with small gaps or cracks, which the jeweler may want to fill before they can sell them off to their clients. They can achieve this feat by injecting the imperfect diamonds with glass-like resin, filling and sealing the gaps. The resultant stone may appear perfect, but it's partly a diamond and partly plastic!


When shopping for diamonds, it's important that you get value for your money. Clarity enhanced diamonds are far cheaper than natural stones because of their imperfections which have been cleverly concealed by jewelers. Be sure you have the right information before choosing a diamond. Mervis Diamond Importers is a professional diamond and jewelry expert but does not sell any color or clarity enhanced diamonds.