Can You Take A Shower With Diamond Earrings?

Can You Take A Shower With Diamond Earrings?

At Mervis Diamond Importers, we are not just purveyors of fine jewelry, but we're also committed to educating our esteemed clientele about the intricacies of their brilliant diamonds. Many of our customers often ask, "Can you take a shower with diamond earrings?" The answer to this question is multifaceted, much like the diamonds we offer. Let's dive into the details.

Understanding Diamond as a Gemstone

Diamonds are renowned worldwide for their brilliant sparkle and unparalleled hardness. As the hardest known natural material on Earth, diamonds exhibit impressive resilience. However, even these radiant stones require specific care to maintain their breathtaking luster over time.

Impact of Water and Steam on Diamonds

Although water does not affect a diamond's integrity, the same cannot be said for the metal in which the diamond is set. Both steam and water can expedite wear on metals like gold and silver. With time, this could potentially loosen the settings, leading to a higher risk of losing your precious diamonds.

Understanding the Effect of Soap and Shampoo on Diamond Earrings

Common ingredients in soap and shampoo can leave a film on your diamond earrings, dimming their sparkle and brilliance. Over time, this residue can accumulate, significantly diminishing the luster of your beautiful jewelry pieces from Mervis Diamond Importers.

Long-Term Impact of Showering with Diamond Earrings

Consistent exposure to steam, water, and bath products, while showering, can affect the brilliance of your diamonds and the integrity of the metal settings. This could lead to a need for more frequent professional cleanings or even repairs, which might have been avoided with proper care.

Professional Opinions and Advice

Most jewelers and gemologists, including our expert team at Mervis Diamond Importers, would advise against regularly wearing your diamond earrings in the shower. The risks and potential damage outweigh the convenience. Moreover, special considerations should be made for new piercings and specific types of earring settings.

How to Clean and Care for Diamond Earrings

Your diamond earrings deserve expert care to maintain their brilliant sparkle. We recommend a gentle cleaning solution and a soft brush to gently remove any residue. For an in-depth cleaning or inspection, don't hesitate to visit our stores in Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia, where our skilled staff can help ensure the longevity of your fine jewelry.


Though diamonds are renowned for their toughness, taking care to avoid unnecessary exposure to steam, water, and chemicals will help maintain their brilliance and the integrity of their settings. As the first genuine diamond importer in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, Mervis Diamond Importers is committed to providing the highest quality diamonds and the most accurate, helpful information to our customers.

To experience the radiance of our expertly crafted diamond earrings, we invite you to discover our brilliant collection today.

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