Do Lab Diamonds Pass A Diamond Tester?

Do Lab Diamonds Pass A Diamond Tester?

Lab-grown diamonds have exact visual characteristics and chemical properties like the natural diamonds mined from the Earth. They are increasingly gaining ground due to their fiery sparkle, relatively lower price, and exceptional quality. But do these stunning gems stack up to their natural counterparts and pass all the tests used to determine the quality of natural diamonds?

How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Tested?

Because lab-grown diamonds are as hard as natural diamonds due to their similar physical and chemical properties, distinguishing the two is a real hassle. There are several diamond tests, but the most convenient ones that test the level of nitrogen are electrical and thermal conductivity. These two heat-resistant testers are appropriate for determining authenticity because the gems are fine conductors of heat.

Can You Tell The Difference Between Lab-Grown And Natural Diamonds?

Lab-grown gems are grown in highly controlled lab environments using sophisticated technology that duplicates the ideal conditions for the natural growth of diamonds. The laboratory environment favors the actual arrangement of carbon atoms within the diamond crystal structure, similar to the real gem. Due to identical constituent materials, the lab-grown diamonds exhibit the same optical properties as natural diamonds. Naked eyes can never spot the difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds because they all have similar optical properties. The difference can only be detected using highly specialized equipment with microscopic inscriptions.

Can Lab-Grown Diamonds Pass A Diamond Tester?

The direct answer to the question is yes. The test results will be positive because the lab-grown diamonds contain crystallized carbon, which is easily detected by diamond testers, confirming that the gem has pure carbon components. The lab-grown diamonds will also show positive results for thermal and electrical conductivity tests, similar to natural diamonds, because they are made to grow under similar conditions.

Are Lab Diamonds Worth Purchasing?

Because the lab-grown gem is virtually identical to the natural diamonds and comes with the best price without compromising the fire, sparkle, and shining quality, it is worth investing in. Contact us today at Mervis Diamond importers for more information and assistance on the best gem.