Find More Facets in Christopher Designs Crisscut Diamonds

When couples come to our locations in Washington DC, Rockville, and Tysons, we love helping them pick out the perfect engagement ring band and center stone. It's pretty clear that most people believe the bigger, the better. Did you know that there is a special brand we carry which cuts their diamonds to look up to 45% larger?
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The brand we're talking about is Christopher Designs and his award-winning Crisscut diamonds. He has created a new way to cut diamonds so they are flatter, allowing them to spread out and appear larger in his signature diamond settings. Christopher Designs L'Amour CrissCut Does a flatter diamond mean it'll be less glittery? Absolutely not. Not only are the diamonds bigger looking, but they also have more facets. Most emerald cut diamonds have only 46 facets, but Crisscut diamonds have 50 facets, giving them 4 more angles to catch the light. Crisscut This is also a great time to pop the question with a Christopher Designs ring because oval diamonds are very on-trend – thanks in part to Duchess Catherine Middleton's oval sapphire ring. You should also think about having a Crisscut diamond in a gift, like earrings, a necklace or a "just because" statement ring. Before you get too carried away with our loose stone search, ask to look at the rings we have from Christopher Designs. You might be blown away by the impressive ring you'll be able to propose with – a diamond beyond both of your expectations.