How Long Do Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Last?

How Long Do Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Last?

Have you ever wondered about clarity enhanced diamonds and how long they last? Then you are in the right place. There is an end to everything and that includes clarity enhanced diamonds as well. While taking good care of them and not wearing the diamond every single day can make them last longer, they'll only last a few years at most. To understand why this is, it's important how clarity enhanced diamonds are produced, and what they are.

What is a Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

A clarity enhanced diamond is a low-grade diamond that goes through a treatment process to reduce flaws, inclusions, and blemishes. The overall goal of this treatment is to make the flawed diamond look more like those with a higher grade, though they're sold for a much lower price.

How are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Produced?

There are a few methods to produce clarity enhanced diamonds, depending on what needs to be done to the flawed diamond.

Fracture Filling

When a diamond has inclusions in it, a process called fracture filling may be performed on it. The diamonds are injected with a glass-like resin to fill in the cracks, making it look more like a high grade diamond.

Laser Drilling

Laser drilling, which is done with either heat or chemical injections, is done to make an imperfect diamond's flaws and discoloration almost invisible. This results in thin lines or tunnels, and the diamond is fracture filled afterwards.

Why Does This Make Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Less Likely to Last?

Due to the high heat, plastic, and chemicals added to the diamond, the integrity of the diamond is greatly reduced. The clarity enhanced diamond will still last for a while, but not as long as a diamond that hasn't undergone this type of treatment. The diamond will be highly susceptible to any type of damage, and could break if a lot of pressure is applied to it, such as during cleanings or repairs. As a result of the problems associated with clarity enhanced diamonds and the fact that they are simply inferior to natural diamonds with great clarity, Mervis Diamond Importers does not carry any clarity enhanced diamonds. This is so that we can guarantee that you receive the best quality diamonds when shopping with us.