How Mervis Diamond Can Help You Find the Perfect Engagement Ring on a Budget

So you already know you want to marry her- now what? The engagement ring. It seems simple- just walk into a jewelry store, pick out a ring, and propose. However, there’s a lot more to it. In the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, the average guy will spend around $8,700 on an engagement ring, however some will spend much more, while others will spend much less. People don't even follow the whole engagement ring norm anymore, where one should spend at least two/three months worth of their annual salary. Well don't stress too much- Mervis has designed a couple of policies and programs to help you find that perfect engagement ring without having to worry too much about money. 1. Our Financing Program Many of our clients at Mervis take advantage of our financing program. Think of it like a credit card- you can essentially walk out of Mervis without paying a single penny that day! Mervis Diamond offers a simple and fast approval process, with finance available from six months to five years through GE Capital or TD Bank. Standard Revolving, Deferred Interest (0%) with minimum payments, and Equal Installments are all included in our finance plan.


2. Our Lifetime Diamond Trade-Up Policy Don’t worry if you don’t have the money to buy the biggest diamond just yet. Mervis provides a lifetime diamond trade-up policy, allowing you to purchase a diamond within your budget, and then upgrade to a bigger diamond when you’re ready. Compared to other jewelers that usually have a set minimum of what you need to spend if you decide to trade-up; at Mervis you will be able to trade in your diamond 100 percent of its original cost towards something else. This policy applies to our diamond stud earrings as well! A lot of our clients take advantage of this policy. I mean who knows- maybe by the time you're 80, your wife will have that 6 carat diamond of her dreams! *Please note that this policy only applies to the center diamond and not the ring setting.

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At the end of the day, it's always important to remember to not get caught up in numbers and statistics- you need to look at your finances and see what diamond ring will make you feel comfortable purchasing. Our diamond consultants are experts with financing and helping you find the perfect engagement ring, so simply set up an appointment online and get started! Hubspot