Meet the Designer: Verragio

Barry Verragio has been creating exquisite jewelry for more than 20 years (he allegedly began designing jewelry at just 14 years old, and launched his own collection in 1996). As a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), the young designer discovered his passion for bridal jewelry as an industry. For his own engagement to his would-be wife Tanya, Verragio designed a one-of-a-kind ring, merging his personal passion with his talent in design. This experience propelled his career; now Veraggio is renowned for his vision for vibrant wedding jewelry with a feminine touch. If there is one thing Verragio is synonymous with, it's rings. The designer is famous for inventing a technique for stone settings, called the Lumino Setting, which exposes a stone to every facet of light. This is one reason why a Verragio engagement ring sparkles like no other. There are four collections of Verragio rings, all of which boast grace and beauty. Slip a bit of luxury onto your loved one's finger this holiday season with a Verragio ring. Mervis Diamond Importers is an exclusive Verragio Premiere boutique, which means we have a HUGE Verragio inventory in-stock and get the fastest turn-around on special orders too. Contact us today to see our Verragio collection, which is sure to bring light and joy to your wedding day.