How Do I Remove a Stuck Ring? 4 Ways to Remove a Ring Safely

If you’re one to wear a lot of jewelry, you have probably been a victim to having a ring stuck once or twice. While the general method of pulling and twisting seems to be practical, sometimes it’s just not enough and can also be a bit harmful to the finger. We have come up with 4 easy ways to remove a ring safely with using some household products and some practical techniques too.
  1. Use Something Slippery
Try to some find slippery products around your home, such as Vaseline, Windex, hand lotion, butter, hair conditioner/shampoo, baby oil, or even just soap and water. Make sure that ring is covered by whichever product you decide to use, and move the ring around a time or two. Gently pull the ring off the finger, turning it as you go.
  1. Put your Hand in Cold Water
Just like your fingers shrink during the winter season, the same will happen with cold water. Get a bowl of cool, not ice water, and place your hand in there for a few minutes. Then try taking off your ring.
  1. Dental Floss Method
Grab a long piece of dental floss and slip one end under the ring (if needed- use a needle to get the piece of floss under the ring). Then, gently wrap the dental floss around your finger until it reaches your knuckle. With the end of the floss that has not been twisted, begin to unwind. This should cause for the ring to slowly move up the finger. If the ring only partially moves, try the same step a few more times until the ring comes off.
  1. Elevation Method
This is probably the easiest method of removing a ring. Simply keep your arm elevated for about 5 minutes, allowing for blood to rush out of your hand. Once you begin to feel that your hand is falling asleep, lower your arm and try to take the ring off. Remember…
  • Try not to panic if your ring does get stuck. Try to stay calm and go through different processes of taking it off- it will take time. Being gentle when taking off the ring so you don’t cause injury to your finger or damage the shape of your ring.
  • If your ring does need to be cut off, don’t worry. You can always come in and get it repaired. It’s suggested that you wait about two weeks so the finger can heal to get the ring resized.