Romantic Places to Propose in Washington D.C.: The List Continues!

After much positive feedback, we have decided to add an additional 5 more romantic places to propose to that special someone in Washington D.C. Here are a few more memorable and beautiful spots: F Delventhal photo 1. Dumbarton Oaks Enjoy being in the Georgetown area and want a more romantic vibe? Then the historic estate of Dumbarton Oaks is perfect. This estate is currently a museum; making it a great place to propose during any season. However, make sure to check out the gardens if you do decide to propose here! 2. The Tidal Basin Who doesn’t love walking around DC with spectacular views of the Potomac, all of the historical monuments, and even cherry blossoms if you’re lucky? This beautiful walkway is one that mustn’t be forgotten. 3. National Harbor Not be confused with the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland; the National Harbor offers a one-of-a-kind experience. This location gives you many options of picking where to pop the question, such as boating, dining or simply walking around. Who wouldn’t want to be proposed to on top of the Capital Wheel--especially at night? 4. Botanic Gardens DC Gardens Picture Get lost in DC’s Botanic Gardens. Enjoy the smell of fresh flowers, beautiful flowers and winding paths. This will definitely give you the sense that you both are in a secret garden. 5. National Monument Now that the National Monument is up and open for visits again, take advantage and spend the day having a picnic under the summer sun! Make it even more special and bring some champagne to celebrate! .