Spice up your wedding wardrobe with diamond studs

If you're anything like most brides-to-be these days, your wedding is a wonderful, grand affair, capable of spanning days, if not an entire week of amazing events. That also means you'll need at least a weekend's worth of outfits - and matching, eye-popping accessories - so you can consistently dress to impress. What better to pair your fashion choices with than a set of classic diamond studs? They add just the right amount of zing to any ensemble, transforming you instantly into a chic centerpiece. When it comes to staying comfortable in your clothes, keeping things simple and elegant is sometimes the best approach. The same goes for accessorizing: diamond studs are both timeless and beautiful, never coming off as gaudy or overdone, instead remaining confidently gorgeous as they glimmer from a bride's ear. Their versatility is unmatched, perfectly complementing everything from a little, black dress to a flowing bridal gown. Here's a couple of our favorite thoughts on how to add extra flair to your wardrobe by simply adding a pair of these: An essential in any girl's closet is the previously mentioned little, black dress. Bride's will look great going to any dinner party or formal gathering in one of these, and will be able to stay comfortable at the same time. But what else to wear?
Mervis 3.16 Carat Diamond Studs
When it comes to kicking up the appeal of a classic black dress, the bigger the better. These 3.16 carat diamond studs are a bold, yet elegant, way to add some pizzazz to your simpler outfits, guaranteed to sparkle brilliantly in both the sun and starlight. All eyes will be on you - and why shouldn't they be, especially when you look so stunning on your wonderful weekend? A wedding dress in and of itself is a gorgeous gem, a dream that you can wrap around yourself on your special day. Many brides know how to select flattering hair accessories and shoes, but when it comes to jewelry, not everything is going to pop as much as a pair of beautiful diamond studs. Since your incredible dress should be the focus of your outfit, it's important to add something that won't take all the attention away from your lovely gown, but will instead subtly accentuate your clothes and other accessories. 1.02 carat diamond studs like these are refined, elegant, and perfectly balanced in their luscious 14 carat white gold settings. They'll add the perfect amount of radiance to your already dazzling ensemble as you make your way down the aisle on your happiest of days. Whether you're looking to stand out more while keeping things simple, or just want to add an extra touch of timeless style to your wedding gown, diamond studs are the easiest way to infuse head-turning zest into your wedding weekend outfits. Finding the perfect pair is easy - just set up an appointment online, or simply visit one of our many convenient locations. There are so many to choose from, but we'll be more than happy to help you select the best diamond studs possible for your special day.