What is the Average Amount Spent on an Engagement Ring?

$5,130 is the average amount spent on an Engagement Ring nationally. An average cost for a wedding? Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland are ranked 10th for most expensive places to get married.

Engagement rings range in price from roughly $1,500 upwards to about $25,000 around Washington, DC. Some people might even spend up to $50,000. What you spend on an engagement ring is no one's business but your own. Whatever you end up choosing, the important thing is that it's special to you and that you love it.

Some people think back to the old adage of spending "two month's salary" on an engagement ring. That may or may not make sense depending on your other financial obligations.

So, if you're looking for a engagement ring in Washington, DC, we'd be happy to help you find something perfect for your personality!

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