What Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut?

What Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut?

Four main components determine a Diamond's price. These are the four C's; Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat. The most influential of these factors is the cut. A cut can transform a rough diamond- a diamond before it is polished and cut, into the finished product that sparkles. The sparkling effect is a by-product of the cut, which adds faces to the stone that reflect light and reflect it back to the eye.

Therefore, the type and quality of cut unmistakably impact the diamond's sparkle as its faces' angles, sizes, and shapes determine light performance.

What Is The Most Expensive Diamond cut?

To state it plainly, the most expensive cut is the round brilliant. This choice of cut's ability to sparkle is unmatched and thus makes it a popular choice, with fifty-five percent of diamonds sold in the U.S being round brilliant diamonds.

Characteristics Of A Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Characteristics of the round brilliant diamond cut that have contributed to its pre-eminence include;

58 Facets For The Best Sparkle

These are the most facets present in any shape of a diamond. The facets act like little crystals, drawing in light and reflecting it into spectacular sparkles. This cut can easily maintain its shine across the room despite the size of the diamond.

The Cut Is Perfected With Concise Calculations

Other than the ability to sparkle, cutting the round brilliant diamond requires more precision work. This results in more loss of the rough diamond in order to get the circular shape. Because of the higher waste than other cuts, this makes the price of this cut more than the other fancier shapes.

Raw Weight

During the process of cutting diamonds, other diamond shapes can better retain their weight; for instance, princess-cut diamonds can maintain at least 80% of their natural weight. In comparison, round brilliant cut diamonds lose about 60% of their original weight, making them costlier.


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