What to do with your Diamond After a Divorce

Beautiful diamond engagement rings are bestowed to partners as an authentic sign of a commitment toward a future life together. Whether you were given a halo engagement ring, a solitaire, a channel set, a pave set, or a prong set, that diamond engagement ring that you now still have was meant to symbolize the enduring love between you and your partner. If, for whatever reason(s), today you find that you are no longer with the individual who first presented that engagement ring to you, it’s important – both financially and emotionally - to do something about that ring. Here are some practical ideas regarding what you can do with your engagement ring.

Trade it up

Trade in or upgrade your diamond engagement ring toward a beautiful piece of jewelry you have always wanted. Perhaps a stunning pair of diamond studded earrings have always been on your wish list. Maybe you love unique necklaces but don’t have any with diamonds in them. Trade your ring in toward a pendant, a tennis bracelet, or acocktail ring. Upgrade and transform your engagement ring into a treasured piece of jewelry for your collection that you have always wanted. rade it in for something that you will wear with confidence, that you selected and purchased on your own and for yourself, and that you will be happy to share that about it when complimented! Sell it What’s the point in keeping an expensive diamond engagement ring locked away in a safety deposit box at your local bank or tossed in a jewelry box on your dresser where it can be easily lost or stolen? Sell it. Take the money you receive for it and save it for a rainy day, purchase groceries and supplies to donate to a local shelter in your community, fly yourself and a friend to Maui for a long weekend, and/or buy that convertible two-seater you’ve wanted! The point is, you can do much more for yourself and others with the money you get for the ring than you would with the ring sitting in the bottom of your dresser drawer. To yield maximum value for your ring, we recommend you go to your local, trusted, high-end jeweler who will act as your personal diamond broker (and if you are located in the Washington, DC area, we hope you'll choose to work with us here at Mervis Diamond Importers!). Your jeweler will know how to inspect and appraise your ring and then make you a fair offer. Redesign it Have your diamond engagement ring made into a necklace or earring or a bracelet! If it contains many diamonds, have each one made into a necklace for each of your siblings or nieces. Have the diamonds removed from the band and placed into some other, completely different piece of jewelry with other gems. Two things not to do with your diamond engagement ring: pawn it and keep it. Don’t pawn your ring, because you will be paying interest each month on something that already has unpleasant memories for you. You don’t need to add stress to your life with a new monthly debt on something that will be a current reminder to you of a chapter in your life you need to close (so that another wonderful one can start!). Don’t keep your ring because, again, it does not hold the same symbol of love and commitment it once did. The ring no longer contributes any emotional sustenance to your life. It’s just an aesthetically-beautiful and wonderfully-designed ring that’s value is in dollars, not memories. Life is too precious and too short to waste another minute on anything (the ring) or anyone (your ex) that does not bring joy and inspiration into your life!