What To Do With An Engagement Ring After A Breakup?

What To Do With An Engagement Ring After A Breakup?

An engagement ring is usually a symbol of commitment between two people and if the couple breaks up, it can be difficult.  That is why many people choose to do something with their engagement ring after they break up, such as selling it back to a jewelry store. There are plenty of different things that you can do with your engagement ring in the event that you end up parting ways with your partner,  which is why we have put together this list to help you decide what to do. 

Make Yourself A Different Piece Of Jewelry

If your ring holds a diamond, you might consider turning it into a completely different ring. You can head over to the jewelry store where it was bought and upgrade it for another ring or simply have another piece made with the same diamond. In any case, you can get yourself a new piece of jewelry without the constant reminder of your previous partner that your engagement ring gives you. 

Sell Your Engagement Ring

If you are at the jewelry shop and you are not convinced that you want to keep even just the diamond, you might have the option of selling your ring. Having some extra cash never hurt anyone and then you won't even have to look at the diamond ever again. 

You might have to do some research though as not all jewelry stores buy used engagement rings. It helps to bring the certificate of your ring if you have one. Another option that you have though is to sell it online if you absolutely want to get rid of it and make some extra bucks. 

Give The Ring To Your Ex

If you have no emotional connection with the ring anymore, you always have the option of giving the ring back to your ex. Maybe your ex was the person who bought it and you feel like they should have the option of selling the ring to get their money back. Or maybe it was you who purchased the ring but you understand that it was originally intended for your partner anyways so you want them to keep the ring and do with it whatever they want. Whatever the case, giving it back is always an option. 

Going through a break up is hard enough as it is and having to constantly look at an engagement ring from a failed relationship can be difficult. Find it in you to move on and get rid of the engagement ring as you start the next chapter of your life. 

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