Where Should I Hide Her Engagement Ring?

So you bought the engagement ring, but now you need somewhere to hide it so she isn’t suspicious of a proposal. Finding the ultimate hiding spot is a bit challenging, but don’t stress too much- after asking some engaged men who went through the hiding process, as well as some eligible bachelors, we have dwindled down the list to give you some of the best ideas of where you should keep that engagement ring until the proposal. afn-5022cu_10 1. Sock Drawer A lot of people tend to hide important things in their sock drawer, so it makes sense for an engagement ring to be hidden in there. However, if for some reason she knows your sock drawer is your ‘go to’ place for important things and she likes to play detective at times, then I would suggest picking another spot. 2. At Work Does she ever visit you at work? If she doesn’t, then this spot works as a great location. Just make sure you trust your coworkers, because if not- investing in a lock wouldn’t be such a bad idea. 3. In Shoes You Don’t Wear Often I haven’t heard of a lot of women looking through their boyfriends’ shoes for things. Find a pair of shoes you haven’t used in years and stick the ring in there. If you both share a closet, just make sure the ring is hidden well so there is no chance of her noticing it’s even there. 4. In a Sports Bag Unless she plays every sport you do- golf, basketball, tennis- there is no reason for her to be looking through your sports bag, let alone look at it. 5. Under a Hat If you decide to hide it under a hat, make sure other hats are stacked up on top of it. This way it will be less visible for her if she is walking through your closet, or if she decides to borrow one. Also, don’t hide it under a hat you use often- so if you’re a big Redskins or Nationals fan, stay clear of those and go for the hat you randomly bought on vacation. 6. In a Book While this one might be a little more extreme, it definitely works. Find a book that she won’t be looking through any time soon, cut out the pages and place it in there. 7. In a Humidor Does she like smoking cigars with you and the boys? Doubtful. 8. With a Family or a Friend Leaving the ring with a good family or friend is always a good idea. Unless she is going to their place every day, this spot is a safe bet. Just make sure you ask where the ring will be hidden, just in case they forget! The last thing you need is a missing ring before the proposal. 9. In a High- Hard to Reach Spot Take it from me- if your girlfriend is short, looking for something in a high or hard to reach place will never happen. So take advantage of this and hide the ring somewhere up high. The attic, top shelf in a closet, basement ceiling, or even under the angel that goes on the top of the Christmas tree are always good ideas. 10. Medicine Bottle Have an empty men’s supplement/vitamin bottle? These spots work well, especially since women have no reason to even be looking through these. As long as she isn’t planning on doing some spring-cleaning and likes to throw away empty things, you’re good to go. So there you have it. We hope these hiding spots will make it a big easier to keep the engagement ring a secret. Whether you have the ring and are planning to propose tomorrow or in the next three months, just make sure the ring is placed somewhere she will never think of looking and somewhere you won't forget. If you have any other great hiding spots, please let us know!