This Is What A 1,100-Carat Diamond Looks Like

It can take your breath away seeing a giant diamond in person. At Mervis Diamond, we have several diamonds topping 5-carats among our three stores in Tysons, Rockville and Washington, DC. Large diamonds are obviously very rare, and very expensive. But what about a diamond that weighs over 200 carats? Diamond miner Alrosa struck gold – er, diamonds – this year as they've discovered not one, not two, but three massive diamonds with a carat weight of over 200. Here's what they look like:
A 207-carat diamond, found in May 2016. A 207-carat diamond, found in May 2016.
214-carat diamond, found in July 2016 214-carat diamond, found in July 2016
241 carat Alrosa 241-carat diamond found in June 2016
All three diamonds were found in Russia. Believe it or not, these are not the largest diamonds ever found. The largest diamond ever found was over 3,000 carats! So how much is a gigantic rough diamond worth? It's hard to say. A diamond of over 1,100 carats failed to fetch its asking price of $70 million at auction recently, only getting a maximum bid of $61 million.
1,100-carat Lesedi diamond 1,100-carat Lesedi diamond
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