Can Diamonds Break?

Can Diamonds Break?

There is a common assumption floating around that diamonds are the strongest natural substance on Earth. But is this actually true? Are diamonds indestructible? While it is a known fact that diamonds are incredibly hard and resistant to scratching, this does not mean they are unbreakable. Sadly, diamonds can chip or shatter from a powerful hit in just the right spot, so it's important to know how to protect your diamond jewelry from damage and what to do if the unthinkable happens.

How Strong Are Diamonds?

Diamonds gain their hardness from an internal structure of lattice-like carbon atoms that occurs naturally when they form. However, this does not necessarily mean that diamonds are super strong. When it comes to technical terminology of materials like metal and stone, hardness, toughness and strength define three distinctly different properties. Think of hardness as a way to describe a material's ability to withstand friction and abrasion. Alternatively, strength refers specifically to how difficult it is to alter a material's form. Thus, a diamond can be damaged by a stronger material.

Can A Hammer Shatter A Diamond?

Technically, yes, an intentional blow from an ordinary steel hammer with enough force can shatter a diamond. This can be especially true of diamonds that have multiple kinds of inclusions that may weaken their internal structure. Even so, it's very unlikely that your diamond engagement ring will find itself under the force of a hammer, so there's really no need to worry that your precious diamond jewelry will easily shatter.

What To Do If Your Diamond Is Damaged?

The truth is, people sometimes accidentally damage their diamonds through everyday wear and tear. The most common types of damage usually occur in the form of cracks or small chips near the diamond's girdle where the prongs grip the edges of the stone. Even if you're very mindful of taking care of your diamond jewelry, the best way to protect against damage and put your mind at ease is to invest in a good insurance policy that includes coverage for lost and chipped diamonds. Most homeowners or renters insurance providers will cover diamond jewelry with the proper appraisal forms. Every diamond purchase made at Mervis Diamond Importers comes with a complimentary professional appraisal. For more information about diamonds and diamond protection, contact our specialists today!