What are the Different Styles of Wedding Bands?

Picking out a wedding band shouldn't be as difficult as picking out an engagement ring. Based on one’s personal preference, you can chose to wear the band by itself, or have it sitting flush with your engagement ring. Whichever style of band you chose to wear forever, it is important to get an understanding of different styles. Essentially, there are 3 main styles of wedding bands: curved bands, eternity bands, and plain bands.
  • Curved Bands
Curved wedding bands are used when you want your wedding band to sit flush against your engagement ring. This means that your wedding ring and engagement ring will be side-by-side. Although many choose curved bands because it makes essentially a set for both your rings, it unfortunately cannot be worn alone because of the shape. Each curved band is shaped differently; the shape of the band will resemble the shape of your center diamond. Verragio curved diamond band
  • Eternity Bands
Eternity wedding bands are bands that have diamonds that encircle the entire ring. This is a popular wedding band, as many see the eternal amount of diamonds on the band to signify the eternity of their marriage. This wedding band style can be worn alone, or even in pairs. This type of band is also popular as an anniversary band, so if you decide to go for another band, you can always wear this style in the future. Martin Flyer eternity wedding band
  • Plain Bands
Plain wedding bands are commonly used when you don't want to wear your engagement ring with your wedding band or you are looking for a more 'simple' look. Plain bands come in different types of metals, so it is important that you chose a wedding band with the metal that resembles your engagement ring. gold plain wedding band Whichever wedding ring style you decide to choose, make sure that it feels comfortable and looks right with your engagement ring.