Most Popular Wedding Band Engravings

After choosing which wedding band is right for you, then comes deciding whether or not you want to have an engraving inside the ring. Many couples chose to have a small engraving as a little note that will be kept with their significant other forever, while others decide to write nothing at all- essentially it all comes down to preference! jb-star-wedding-bands If you chose to have your wedding band engraved, you can actually do it in-house here at Mervis Diamonds versus having it sent to the designer. The font for engraving a ring is either script or print and it can be done to any type of ring and metal, except for titanium. Here are a few of the most popular wedding band engravings we have seen here at Mervis Diamonds:
  1. Forever yours
  2. Love actually
  3. All my love
  4. I found love, and love was you
  5. We are made for each other
  6. From this moment on
  7. Truly, Madly, Deeply
  8. Soul mates forever
  9. I marry you
  10. Love you always, always