How Do I Find Out Her Ring Size? 7 Useful Tips

Are you thinking of proposing soon? If you are, then knowing her correct ring size is a bit crucial. Some choose to bring their girlfriends to look for engagement rings together, which means you will not have to worry about finding out her ring size. Nonetheless, if you are thinking of keeping the proposal a secret and surprising her, then finding out the size of her ring finger becomes a bit trickier. love picture We have come up with a few tips and tricks that might help you get her correct size, without of course ruining the ultimate surprise.
  1. Bring In a Ring of Hers
If you can, try to bring a ring of hers when visiting a jeweler. Just be careful that the ring isn’t one that she uses often, since she will notice it’s missing and that will definitely ruin any type of surprise for the proposal. Also, make sure that the ring you are bringing in is one that she uses on the 4th finger of the right hand. This is a ring that will be the best bet for her correct size.
  1. Trace One of Her Rings
If bringing in a ring of hers is a bit challenging (she might notice it’s gone), you can always trace the inside of her ring on a piece of paper. This will allow for the jeweler to get a better idea of what her size would be.
  1. Ask Her Best Friend
Never hurts asking her friends. They might have a better idea of what her ring size might be based on shopping for jewelry together in the past. Just make sure to ask a friend who you know can keep a secret!
  1. Casually Go Shopping Together
Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, which might be a great excuse to take her jewelry shopping. Tell her that you are thinking of buying your mother some jewelry but that you are just not sure what she would like. Have her try on a variety of options in the store, including a ring. This will hopefully give you an idea of what will be too big or too small on her.
  1. Make an Impression of Her Ring
Have soap or some clay lying around the house? Use these tools to make an impression of one of her rings. Remember to make sure to rinse off the soap or the clay off of her ring! You wouldn’t want her to become suspicious of anything.
  1. Try on One of Her Rings
Without her noticing, take one of her rings and try it on. Try to not push down too hard (might get stuck) and trace the ring around your finger with a pen. When going to pick out the ring, the jeweler can easily measure your marked finger.
  1. Ask Her
You can try to find a subtle, and simple way of asking her what is her ring size. While this one is very risky, it will give you the exact answer.