How To Clean Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

How To Clean Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity enhanced diamonds require specialized care to maintain their appeal. These diamonds undergo the treatment process of injecting a unique optically-correct substance into each inclusion or fracture. Diamond processors conduct this procedure under extremely high pressure in a lab, and its results are often permanent under most conditions. Cleaning clarity-enhanced diamonds well is essential.

Cleaning Tips for Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Here are considerations when cleaning clarity enhanced diamonds:

Avoid Ammonia-Based Cleaners

Don't use ammonia-based cleaners. You risk degrading the clarity-enhanced diamond's filling if you expose the gemstone to this solution. The degradation can make the clarity-enhanced diamond wear away eventually. Many jewelry cleaning solutions have ammonia. Look carefully to ensure ammonia isn't a listed ingredient before buying them. Did you know most household cleaning products have ammonia? Put your clarity-enhanced diamond away when cleaning to prevent these acidic solutions from degrading it.

Make Your Easy DIY Cleaning Solution

You can make your cleaning solution to protect your clarity-enhanced diamond. A mild mixture of warm soapy water can clean the gemstone.

Steps To Follow When Cleaning Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Follow these steps to clean clarity enhanced diamonds:
  1. Let the clarity-enhanced diamond sit in warm soapy water for around ten minutes.
  2. Remove it and use a baby toothbrush to loosen dirt attached to your jewel. The toothbrush has soft bristles and a small brush head that prevent scratching the metal when cleaning the gemstone.
  3. Rinse the diamond.
  4. Air dry the jewelry on a clean towel.
Clarity enhanced diamonds are low cost options for individuals or couples looking for a piece of jewelry that looks elegant but can't get enough money to buy a natural diamond. Like a natural diamond, clarity enhanced diamonds also need proper care and cleaning to ensure they remain elegant for an extended period. However, Mervis Diamond Importers does not sell or service enhanced diamonds.Contact us today to get professional diamond cleaning services for natural mined diamonds, or lab grown diamonds only.