How To Tell If A Diamond Ring Is Real?

How To Tell If A Diamond Ring Is Real?

There are many reasons to wonder whether a diamond is real or not. For one, diamonds are not cheap and if you are going to spend your money on a good one, you want to make sure you are buying a real diamond. Additionally, you might be wondering if the rings you have at home are real. Maybe you found a stone lying around and you want to know if it is a real diamond. One of the most convenient ways to test a diamond for authenticity is to do a fog test. A real diamond doesn’t fog up when you fog it up with your breath. 

Can you tell if the stone is on a ring? 

The best way to evaluate and test if a stone is real is if it is a loose stone. The mount can hide any imperfections or features that help determine its validity.

If you are absolutely certain that you don’t want to purchase a ring without testing it first, you can ask the jeweler if they can take the diamond off the ring for an inspection test. It is perfectly common to ask this of your jeweler and you wouldn’t be the first one to want to verify that what they are buying is actually real. 

Methods to try at home to test if a diamond ring is real

As mentioned above, there are plenty of ways to test your diamond ring at home, including the fog test. Follow these tips to determine whether your diamond collection is actually what you believe it to be. 

Magnifying Glass

Use a magnifying glass to analyze the diamond and look for any imperfections. All real diamonds have imperfections and if you can’t find any, it might be because the stone is not actually a real diamond. 

Black Light

A diamond can also be tested using a blacklight. Make sure you have all the lights turned off and hold the diamond directly under the black light. Real diamonds will reveal a strong blue color. If you see any other color besides that, your stone is not a real diamond. 


Using a glass filled with water is actually another way to tell whether your diamond is real. Drop your diamond in the water and if your diamond sinks to the bottom of the glass, you got yourself a real diamond. Fake stones will float in the middle or top of the glass.

These tests are easy to complete and can help you determine whether a diamond ring is real or not, but you can always reach out to your jeweler to help you as well. 

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