How To Tell The Difference Between Crystal And Diamond

How To Tell The Difference Between Crystal And Diamond

Diamond is a rare and most complex occurring mineral. It is a result of carbon atoms being held together by strong covalent bonds. Diamond has several uses. Such uses include making jewelry, cutting, and grinding equipment in industries due to its widely known hard nature.

On the other hand, crystal is a solid material whose atoms and molecules are arranged in a lattice. Crystal is helpful as the lead in pencils and for decoration purposes. There are several differences between diamonds and crystals.

Differences Between Diamond And Crystal


Diamonds are naturally occurring. It results from the earth's high temperature and high pressure. On the other hand, crystal occurs through the crystallization process. Crystallization is the process of cooling down a liquid.


While diamonds reflect a lot of light, crystals don't. This property makes the diamond sparkle, thus appearing brighter than the crystal.


The color of a diamond-made material depends on the original color of the diamond stone carved. On the other hand, the color of a crystal relies on the color of the coating used. This coating may wear out with time.


Unlike crystals, diamonds have proven to be long-lasting. It is not prone to damage from scratches and breakage. One can easily break a crystal, and any scratch can wear it off.


Diamond is high quality, hence not as easily accessible as crystal. Crystal is easy to access due to its low quality compared to diamond. The process of acquiring Crystal also makes it readily available.


Compared to crystal, diamond is very expensive— diamond's high cost owing to its properties and naturally occurring process. The properties of crystal make it less costly and more affordable.


Since it reflects light, the diamond is brilliant and effortlessly sparkles when exposed to ordinary light. This property makes it very brilliant. On the other hand, Crystal is not a brilliant perse because it does not have any reflecting property.


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