Tacori Collections

A client recently asked me what my favorite Tacori collection was and before telling him that the “Simply Tacori” collection was my favorite, I gave him the lowdown of all his options:

The Tacori “Crescent Collection” is characterized by a distinctive half moon crescent design which provides windows of light reflecting the brilliance of the Tacori diamond.

The “Simply Tacori” selection was actually inspired by an engagement within the Tacori family, and therefore introduces contemporary looks with heirloom appeal.

The “Dantela” collection showcases Tacori’s most eye catching designs with that eye catching allure. The name “Dantela” translates to “Lace,” a reference to the lace-like look of the diamonds.

Tacori’s “Neotare” collection signifies that independent spirit wearing the Tacori jewelry. It is their bold collection meant to appeal to confidently modern tastes.

Lastly the “hand engraved” collection expresses that unique quality in which Tacori is celebrated for.

See why my decision was so tough! What’s your favorite Tacori collection?

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