Top Engagement Rings of 2013

2013 engagement ring trends were clear- the halo engagement ring, vintage engagement rings, and pave set engagement rings reigned supreme. Which engagement rings rose to the top of 2013? Check out our Top Engagement Rings of 2013 below! Verragio engagement rings and Tacori engagement rings consistently rank in the top wanted engagement rings, but this year, one of the most loved designers was Jeff Cooper and his double halo engagement ring. The top engagement rings of 2013 were a fun mix of the halo, design and elegance, but a few new trends emerged we haven't seen in awhile. Hottest trends of 2013:
  • Rose Gold
  • Halo engagement rings
  • Design details in the form of engraving and carving
  • Pave set engagement rings
  • Delicate, feminine details
  • Platinum rings with colored gold accents
Which engagement style is your top engagement ring of 2013? Let us know in the comments below!