What Is A Baguette Diamond?

What Is A Baguette Diamond?

A baguette diamond is a rectangular, long, tapered step-cut diamond. Unlike traditional diamond cuts, these diamonds have 14 facets. Since they are small, most people use them as side stones for wedding or engagement rings. Also, you can use them as accent stones.

History Of Baguette-Cut Diamonds

Baguette-cut diamonds are classic cut diamonds that have remained fashionable since their inception. These diamonds emerged in the 16th century but got wide acceptance in the 20th century in the Art Deco Era. There is a common misconception that baguettes got their name from French bread, but the name originates from the word "baque," which translates to a "small ring" or "small jewel". The name baguettes refers to a stick or rod.

Baguettes vs. Emerald Cuts

Compared to emerald cuts, baguette cuts are narrower and appear longer. Additionally, they have 14 facets compared to the 50-58 facets of the emeralds.

Types Of Baguette Cut Diamonds

Baguettes belong to the step-cut family, with asscher and emerald cuts. These step-cut diamonds have clearly and straight defined facets. Their unique features make them have less brilliance and sparkle and a completely different appearance than round-cut diamonds.

These diamonds come in two primary types: straight and tapered baguettes. The straight baguettes have a perfect rectangular shape while the tapered ones are narrower on one end, making them appear like a trapezoid. Both types are popularly used as accent diamonds.

Tips For Purchasing A Baguette Cut Diamond

When purchasing baguette-cut diamonds as accent or side stones, ensure their color matches the center stone's color.

Also, make sure their overall appearance matches other colors in your jewelry. While baguette cuts are step-cut diamonds, indicating their color and imperfections are more visible, these cuts are much smaller, and you can't see blemishes or inclusions with your naked eye.

Although baguettes are not the most popular diamond shape, they are among the most appealing diamond shapes. They'll make you stand out. Please browse our website for an ideal piece of jewelry that meets your needs. Also, contact Mervis Diamond Importers if you need help finding the perfect baguette diamond.