What Is an Anniversary Band?

A question we get a lot at Mervis is "what is an anniversary band and how is it different from a wedding band?" Honestly? Nothing. An anniversary band IS a wedding band, just given on an anniversary, not on your wedding day. The main difference most brides and wives find between a wedding and anniversary band is that often, with an anniversary band, she will interchange the anniversary band between her left and right hand. Although not all, some anniversary bands are wider and can be worn alone. two bands stacked Why An Anniversary Band? Anniversary Bands can be worn alongisde a wedding band, as a different version of your wedding band, or own its own as a super fabulous wedding band. You can even wear it as a spectacular right hand ring! The possibilities are endless with an anniversary band. If her ring has a strange shape to it, or the stone pertrudes, you have two options for a wedding band: a band that sit flush against the ring, or a plain straight band. If your wife has one of these rings, the perfect first option for an anniversary band is an alternative to her wedding band. If she loves the way her wedding band looks that fits flush against her ring, get her a second she can wear on the other side. Not only does this instantly take her ring to the super popular halo trend, it creates an entirely new piece of jewelry for her to show off! Flush fit band Ready to start shopping for an anniversary band? Check out our online inventory of anniversary bands or make an appointment today!