When Is The Best Time To Buy An Engagement Ring?

When Is The Best Time To Buy An Engagement Ring?

The best time of year to buy an engagement ring is either during the holiday season or the summer season. Buying an engagement ring is an exciting process. You meet the love of your life and you know you want to spend the rest of your life with them and are ready to find that perfect ring to put on their finger. There is only one thing holding you back. Prices of engagement rings can be quite high. Thankfully there are ways to get around that and one of them is by finding the right time to buy it.

Black Friday

During the holidays, there are plenty of sales going on in different stores, especially during Black Friday. Some stores might offer certain discounts for certain diamonds or even have certain collections on sale during the holidays. You might have to shop around before finding the right sale on the item you actually want. 

Christmas Sales

Many stores offer sales close to Christmas and you won't want to miss out on the opportunity to find the sales on engagement rings. Just like you would for Black Friday, be sure to shop around and see what stores offer the best discounts. 

Valentine’s Day

What is the one holiday that is dedicated to celebrating the one person that you love besides their birthday? That’s right, Valentine’s Day. As we approach the love holiday, be sure to check out the jewelry shops and keep an eye out for the sales that are offered. You might find the perfect ring during this time. 

Summer Time

If you are planning a summertime proposal, you might be in luck finding a deal on a ring during this season. This is because it is usually jewelry stores' low season because there are no holidays around the summer when people are looking to gift their loved ones with jewelry. Without all of the sales, jewelers are likely to have sales going on so keep your eyes open. 

How To Stay Within Your Budget

Buying an engagement ring doesn't have to break the bank. Follow some simple guidelines to stay within your budget.

Shop Around

If you can’t wait for the times above to buy your engagement ring, be sure to shop around. Sometimes stores will set certain pieces on sale especially if they are part of an old collection. You might not get the savings you are looking for, but it is worth a try to continue shopping around.

Shop Vintage

Shopping for vintage rings is always one way to stick to your budget. Not only will you get a high-quality ring but you will also find them at reasonably good prices. Even better, shop vintage rings during holiday sales and you may get an even better deal.

Where To Find Engagement Rings

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