You Had Me at Halo

Halo engagement rings are all the rage-and have been a huge trend in jewelry for the better half of the last decade. What exactly is a halo and why are halos so popular? A halo engagement ring is a style of ring where the center stone (or side stones) are surrounded by smaller stones, forming a circle (a halo) around the stone itself. The Halo ensures that the center stone appears larger and more vibrant, achieving the look and feel of a larger stone at a fraction of the cost of an increase in carat size (yay money saving tip!!). This setting also tends to enhance the brilliance of the diamond, improving a stone’s visual appearance.

Stone's appearance

You can choose from two different types of halo settings; one where the halo circles flush against the center stone and the other, where there is a slight gap between the halo and center diamond.

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A new trend for 2013 is the double halo, made popular by Jeff Cooper's spectacular engagement ring that features two rows of halos around the center stone. Not only is this ring a visual stunner, it is a unique piece for this summer. Thumbnail image 10 The halo ring is a seriously fabulous way to get a lot of bling without the huge price tag. Check out some of the fabulous halo rings we have at Mervis! Like what you see? Make an appointment! HubSpot