Best and Worst Proposal Contest Winners

After nearly 6 weeks of voting, we have our winners for the BEST and WORST Marriage Proposals contest! Congratulations to our winning couples, Megan & Arun (best proposal) and Vanessa Moodie (worst proposal).

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Megan and Arun's story (Winner of BEST Proposal): Our proposal was elaborate, well thought out and a total surprise! Read the "his" and "hers" recollection of how the proposal started as a scavenger hunt that was later disclosed as a scavenger hunt for just two people and a teary proposal.megan We signed up for a scavenger hunt taking place September 7th in the DC area with over one hundred other teams. With our competitive nature, we had done these before and had a blast, but we thought the layout of this event gave us better odds of winning. It consisted of four stops with the first clue being released at 3^07 pm ("love" upside down)...each love-themed clue provided us what we needed to figure out the next stop, and so on until the final spot. As we drove & ran the race, we saw a few other competing teams at each check point. Meanwhile the check point staff members kept saying we were one of the first couple teams to arrive. By the time we had reached the last stop, we thought for sure we were in the lead for a trip to Aruba (the grand prize). At the final stop, we sat down at a local Annapolis wine shop to complete our final puzzle and quietly celebrate our soon-to-be win. Little did I know that the entire scavenger hunt, all the "other teams", the check point volunteers, and the race clues were made specifically for the final answer of "Megan, will you marry me". As the final puzzle unscrambled in my head, my eyes filled with tears and I quickly looked up to this point, he was grabbing my hands and getting on one knee. The entire day, all the planning, the amazing details, the website, the thoughtfulness, and utmost surprise...all collided into one amazing moment that we had both been dreaming of. His proposal, all the words, all the love, and of course the beautiful diamond ring were even better in person than in my dreams. It's certainly amazing that he was able to find people I had not yet met, that were willing to donate a Saturday for this "fake" scavenger hunt. But even more amazing, he planned it for months without me knowing about it and I never once came close to questioning the legitimacy of the hunt! I am still in awe of his generous and romantic heart and we have been having a blast planning our wedding...oh and our honeymoon will be in Aruba

Vanessa's story (Winner of WORST Proposal):

My girlfriends and I took a trip to Miami to celebrate my birthday. My boyfriend of almost 2yrs currently resides there so it was a perfect decision. He said he wanted to have a dinner for me that evening. I kindly reminded him that my girlfriends and I already had plans but we can adjust.vanessa2 WORST He stated it would only be a 20 minute drive----well that 20 minutes turned into 1.5 hrs to get to the location which was at his friend's mansion. Needless to say I was beyond pissed and when I finally got there, he wasn't there and there was no food. When he finally arrived I wasnt in the mood to see his face and my girlfriends were pissed as well. Eventually, the food arrived and everyone ate. I was about to cut the cake and leave when he pulled me aside and apologize for ruining my night. He sat me down on the sofa and explained how much he tried to plan a surprise party for me and things didn't work out. Then out of nowhere he nervously pulls out a ring and places it on my finger and says "I want you to be my wife". I said to myself "Was that a question?" My emotions were all over the place and couldn't figure out how to response but deep down I knew he tried to make my birthday as special as possible. After I accepted his proposal, my girlfriends came around and gave me a hug but one of them was still upset and said "Did you really have to bring us all the way out here for that? You could have done that privately!!" I was shocked and couldn't believe within less than 15 seconds my joy was stolen. This can't be a moment that I would like to share with my grandkids because on the way back to the hotel I almost got into an accident from the tears.

Recently engaged or looking to pop the question? Be sure to RSVP to our ROSES AND RINGS trunk show on January 25-26th!