Should I Bring My Girlfriend to Look for an Engagement Ring?

The very popular question that men seem to ask themselves before picking out that perfect ring: “Should I bring my girlfriend to look for an engagement ring together?".couple-wedding-bands Tradition is one of the biggest components as to why men choose not to take their girlfriends ring shopping, however, you have to remember that we are living in a very modern society where so many traditions have changed. According to research performed by The Knot, 65% of couples shop for engagement rings together due to the woman wanting to pick the ring they like and not having their boyfriends make a 'mistake'. We have created a list of a few pros and cons of engagement shopping with your girlfriend that will hopefully help you decide whether or not you should bring her to ring shop. Pro: Giving Her Exactly What She Wants Having her come with you to shop for her future engagement ring will ultimately give her exactly what she wants. She will be able to pick the ring setting of her choice and see which diamond style fits well on her finger. She also has the option of creating a completely unique and custom ring. At the end of the day, she will be very excited to be wearing the engagement ring of her dreams. Pro: Less Stress So if you have already decided you’re going to get married, she knows a proposal is coming any day now, so bringing her might not be the worst decision. Having her come with you makes the shopping experience much less stressful, which will give you the ultimate peace of mind. Want to Keep the Romance, But Not the Stress? Come in and experience the Mervis difference. Sit down with a personal jeweler to get all your engagement ring questions answered. Get expert help picking the cut, carat, color and clarity, and we’ll make sure you walk away with something perfect. Book An Appointment Today> Pro: One of the First ‘Big-Decisions’ in Your Relationship Picking out a ring together is a big deal. Husbands and wives make big decisions during their marriage all of the time, such as buying a new house or purchasing a car. Why not make the first big decision, as a soon-to-be-married couple, about the engagement ring. Con: Not Very Romantic Romance? Gone. Surprise? Gone. That magical moment? Gone. Pretty much anything associated with the fairytale dream that every girl has about becoming engaged will no longer happen. Although there are a lot of girls that don't care about this moment, there are others that will. Make sure you know what your future fiancée's expectations are in terms of a proposal before thinking of bringing her. Want to know more about the Mervis ring shopping experience? Read the story of Katie & David, and how he made his proposal a #Mervismoment! Con: Might Spend More Than You Budgeted For Bringing her to pick out the engagement ring might make you spend more than you budgeted for. Since the ring will be hers and you want to make her happy, money might not become an issue during the buying process, however, you and your wallet might end up regretting it later. Con: Money Will Most Likely Be Discussed Let’s be honest- nobody likes to talk about money, especially when you’re going to be spending a few hundred or thousand dollars on an engagement ring. If you bring her, she might gain a sense of how much you will be spending, which might make her feel worse about purchasing such a nice ring in the first place. Some Final Tips and Recommendations:
  • If you don’t think that bringing her to pick out the engagement ring is the best idea, why not bring along her mother or her best friend? This way you probably have a better idea of what she is looking for and will also feel better about making the final purchase.
  • There are other ways to get her ring size without bringing her into the store. A lot of guys actually try to take a ring from their girlfriends’ jewelry collection and bring it with them to the jewelers. If this doesn’t work, try to trace a ring of hers on a piece of paper and bring it in with you.
  • If you do decide to include her in picking out the ring, but still want to leave a little bit of a surprise, bring her at the beginning of the engagement ring hunt. Casually take her to a jewelry store to browse, or maybe have her pick her 5 favorite rings, which will allow for you to pick the one.
  • You can always propose to her with a ‘temporary’ ring. This tactic that will allow for you to enjoy planning the ultimate proposal, while also allowing her to pick the engagement ring of her dreams later on.