Congratulations to David & Jessica!

Jessica and David 5 How They Met Jessica met her future husband, David, at her best friend’s soccer game. They had many mutual friends, however never had the chance to actually meet one another. David actually knew that Jessica was going to be attending the soccer game that day, as a mutual friend had told David that he really should get to know Jessica. After both meeting each other, they were friends for many months until David decided to ask Jessica on a sushi date. As Jessica described it, “the rest is history”. The Proposal Jessica and David 6The proposal happened on a hot July day (95 degrees to be exact) in front of David and Jessica’s neighborhood. They had decided to purchase and build a house in the area, and had gone to visit the property on a Saturday afternoon. Jessica didn't think much of the trip to their new home since David frequently liked to go visit the location, making sure the builders had finished their work for the week. After visiting the property, David took Jessica to the gazebo located in the front of their neighborhood. He began to explain to her the different changes he wanted to make, which is when he took the opportunity to get down on one knee, asking Jessica to marry him! David proposed with a beautiful Tacori ring designed by him and the help of our diamond consultant, Dodi. The Wedding David and Jessica were wed on June 21st, 2014. David is from Argentina, while Jessica is from Norfolk, Virginia; they chose to have the wedding in her hometown at the Town Point Club. Jessica and David