Congratulations Jason & Heather!

We wanted to congratulate Jason and Heather on their recent wedding! We love hearing about our clients’ proposals and wedding stories, as well as receiving all of the amazing pictures from the memorable moments. Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 4.14.58 PM How They Met Through the help of online dating, these two met back in 2010. They both seem to have different stories about how exactly they met, but after talking for a few days online, they decided to go to a Capitals game for their first date. Jason was a huge hockey fan and Heather had recently become one after watching it at her uncle’s house a few times so it seemed like a perfect way to spend time together. The game began at 7:00pm, however they decided to meet up a little earlier to have some dinner and drinks. When figuring out where to initially meet, they decided on the Gallery Place metro platform. Jason had told Heather that he was wearing a black Capitals jersey versus the popular red ones, which he later admitted was done so Heather could spot him easily. View More: When Heather initially saw Jason, her first reaction was actually on the shoes he was wearing! She is very into the Nike tennis shoes and apparently a pair of Chucks just wasn’t cutting it for her, but she still gave it a chance. They got a few beers and headed into the game and talked for hours. Heather said that she doesn’t even remember much of the game because they were so busy just chatting. After the game, they went to have some dinner at Chipotle, but not wanting the night to end, they continued over to Bar Louie to have a few more drinks and talk for a couple more hours. Around 1:00am, they decided to call it a night, however ended up seeing each other the very next day! They met up to watch the football playoffs around 1:00pm and didn’t end up leaving the restaurant until about midnight. Talk about not getting enough of each other! Since then, Jason and Heather have been inseparable. The Proposal View More: After dating for 3 years, Jason was ready to pop the question. Both Heather and Jason went to look at rings together at Mervis. Heather actually found the ring she wanted and Jason bought it the same day. However, Jason still wanted the proposal to be a surprise, so the ring wasn't going to be worn until the question was asked. On January 21st around 9:30pm, Jason popped the question. He did so with the help of their dog, ‘Buggy’! Jason had told Heather that he was taking Buggy out on a walk, but when they came back, he asked Heather to help him clean Buggy's paws. Heather was a bit suspicious given that it had not rained in the past couple of days, however she still went to the foyer only to find Jason kneeling down asking her “Will you marry me?” Jason and Heather were wed on June 8th, 2014 at the Herrington on the Bay resort in Rose Haven, MD. Mervis is so happy to have been a part of such a great memory for Jason and Heather! Congratulations again! Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 4.22.35 PM