Congratulations Mark & Dianna!

Mark & Dianna 4 Mervis would like to congratulate Mark and Dianna on their engagement and recent wedding! Mark and Dianna met at a company-training event; they were actually introduced by a friend who was Dianna’s Maid of Honor at their wedding! When it came time to the proposal, Mark knew he wanted to make it special. Both Mark and Dianna are big food lovers, and actually ended up cooking a three-course meal together on their first date. Inspired by this date, Mark decided to re-create it for the proposal. Mark wore the same shirt and gave Dianna the same bouquet of flowers as he did on their first date. While they started making the same meal, she did not assume that he was going to propose; she just thought he was reminiscing on old times. During the dessert part of the meal, Mark told Dianna to go pick out one of the ice cream container he had in the freezer. At the time she wasn’t paying attention, so she choose the first one that she saw, however Mark insisted she pick a certain container. Once she opened it, she saw a small jewelry box with an engagement ring inside and by the time she turned around, Mark was kneeling down- asking her to marry him. Mark and Dianna were wed on April 12th in Washington D.C! The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. Mervis wishes both Mark and Dianna all the best! Mark and Dianna 1