Diamond Necklace

A few weeks back, we did a fun little contest on Facebook, asking our fans to fill-in-the-blanks here: "Love is _______, but diamonds are ______" For the best line, we promised to award a diamond necklace. We received many great entries, but we had only one diamond necklace to give away. And here I am today to congratulate our winner, Kelly Kreth, on her new diamond necklace.

I asked Kelly to guest-write a blog post for us. She did so gladly:

My winning slogan was: "Love is 'I do,' but Diamonds are, 'I really do.'" As a result I won a free diamond necklace from Mervis Diamonds which I received last week.

There is only one thing I like more than writing, and that is diamond jewelry!

Simple, classic and elegant, the piece that was selected for me, a diamond solitaire hanging off a white-gold chain, is perfect for day-to-day wear and so versatile, it also transitions perfectly into nighttime. The diamond necklace is a subtle, yet overwhelming, accompaniment to my wardrobe that I can wear anywhere, anytime.

Diamonds are so inherently eye-catching that I feel that I'll be noticed immediately wherever I go. So much better than a mere flash of a smile or twinkle in the eye, from now on, I'm letting this necklace do my greeting for me.

Thank you, Mervis Diamonds!

*Disclosure: This diamond necklace was generously gifted to me as a reward for my slogan-writing contest win.