Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

1219-018You are considering one of the beautiful and unique Mervis Diamond Importers three stone engagement rings for your beloved. Of all the diamond engagement rings available, this kind best represents your love. An engagement ring should be more than just a band of gold with a stone on it. It should speak both to you and your bride to be. You spent years (or months) choosing the perfect woman to be your mate-why shouldn't you put a similar thought process in to choosing a ring? It should match her other jewelry in theme and style, as that is her preferred style to begin with, and it should also represent her personality as well. The engagement ring began with the Ancient Egyptians, who believed that the circle of the ring represented a never ending cycle, while the area inside symbolized a gateway. We place engagement rings on the fourth finger of the left hand because the Ancient Greeks believed that the vena amoris began there, a vein that ran directly to the heart. Jumping forward in time a bit, the first recorded case of a diamond engagement ring is from Archduke Maximilian of Austria, who betrothed Mary of Burgundy in Vienna in 1477. Now that you know the significance, do you know the details of the diamond? To begin, there are a variety of cuts to choose from. Cut is just a fancy jewelry term for shape, because the gem actually needs to be cut into that shape. There is a standard Round Brilliant, that everyone has seen, but there are also Fancy Cuts as well. Some notably beautiful cut designs are the Heart, aptly named for its heart shape, the tear drop shaped Pear cut, and the Marquise, which is an oval that is pointed on either end. Various cuts can be used to make one of the unique three stone engagement rings you have been thinking of. Then there is size and weight of the diamond, known as the carat. A single carat is .2 grams in weight, which is about 6.5 mm in size. The bigger it is in size and the more it weighs, the more rare the diamond will actually be, as bigger diamonds are harder to find. For instance, Beyonce has a 20 carat engagement ring, which comes out to four grams and about 130 mm in size. How much do you love your fiance? How rare is she to you? Prove it all with the kind of ring with which you propose.