The Perfect Gift for a Dog Lover: the Dog Paw Engagement Ring

We're OBSESSED with this custom dog paw engagement ring we just made! WAnyone who has a dog will say that their dog is not only their best friend, but also their child. We weren't surprised then, about a year ago, when a customer came in and asked us to create the most adorable engagement ring ever for his girlfriend, in honor of their furry "children", Yogurt, lovingly known as Yogi and Tila. The two rings are an upside down heart shaped diamond and a curved band with four oval cushion cut diamonds that when worn together are a dog paw. This is one of the cutest ideas we have ever seen for a dog lover, and a fabulous gift for anyone with furry children. We can make this ring in any metal, carat weight and stone to fit your exact specifications. Shop Dog Paw Rings If you would like us to create you a paw print ring for a loved one, please let us know! paw-print-ring1 We loved receiving this letter, below, from the happy fiancee: From: Javier XXXXX Its perfect…..I dont even know how to begin to thank you. Its even better than I imagined Brenda THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! I never really cared too much for dogs until I met Emily. She showed me how awesome it was to love puppies and even bought a Puggle puppy named Tila and a Beagle/ Dachshund puppy named Yogurt aka YOGI! Well our thing is if anything in life is cute, awesome, and or extremely fun it’s paw print official meaning it gets the stamp of a paw print. We grab the front paw of one of our dogs, make the stamp action with it and say “BAM, PAW PRINT OFFICIAL!” Whenever I send her letters from Afghanistan, I always draw the little paw print in the corner too. With this ring, it’s going to show her that I want to put the official stamp on our love.