How To Clean Diamond Earrings

How To Clean Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are valuable jewelry that you spend a significant amount of money to acquire. Like any other earring, it picks oil from your skin and hair, and if not attended to, it loses the shiny appearance. Therefore, ensure that you stay updated on the effective ways of cleaning your diamond earrings, which gives them a brand-new look.

Below are numerous home products that bring back your diamond shining color:

Soap and Warm Water

  • Pour a cup of warm water into a bowl and then add drops of soft dishwashing fluid.
  • Stir the solution up to a point it forms bubbles. Then soak your earrings for five minutes to eliminate the oil and grime.
  • After that, immerse the brush in the solution and rub the earrings gently.
  • Then submerge the earrings again in the solution for three minutes and cleanse them with clean water.
  • Later on, wipe to make them dry with a clean fiber cloth.

Ammonia with Warm Water

Ammonia is a fantastic product that brings impressive shiny results to your diamond jewelry.

  • Mix six cups of warm water and a cup of Ammonia in a bowl. However, if your earrings have some gemstones, use cold water to avoid damage.
  • Put the earrings in the mixture for twenty minutes, and wait.
  • Then pour two cups of warm water in a bowl and add a teaspoon of the dishwashing liquid.
  • After twenty minutes are over, move your earrings in the new solution and brush them using a soft brush.
  • Then wash out your earrings with cold water, wipe them and let them dry.

Club Soda

  • Club soda is another effective way of cleaning diamond earrings, making them shiny.
  • You start by pouring the soda into a glass and soaking the earnings overnight.
  • Then cleanse the earrings with warm water and dry them with a clean cloth in the morning.

Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Pour a half-full cup of hydrogen peroxide into a bowl.
  • Next, soak the earrings in the solution for ten minutes.
  • After that, cleanse them thoroughly and dry them with a clean cloth.


  • Sink your earrings in a vodka glass and soak them for three minutes.
  • After that, clean them with warm water.
  • Dry your earrings using a clean cloth.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your diamond regularly and thoroughly is essential as it keeps it shiny. With the above-stated products, you have a guarantee that your diamond earrings will always remain shining. However, if the dirt is quite vigorous, you can take the earrings to a professional jewelry cleaner. Contact Mervis Diamond Importers for more information.