What Should I Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring?

While finding ‘the one’ might be a really difficult task, finding an engagement ring can be a bit challenging as well. There is no definite timeline of how long it takes to buy an engagement ring, however there are certain things that you should think about before starting your engagement ring shopping. DSC_3626 1. Think About Time Here at Mervis Diamond, we work with various designers. Each designer has their own time frame of when an engagement ring will be ready. Depending on what you are looking for, it could take 2-6 weeks before the ring is ready to be picked up at the store. So if you already have your proposal date set in your head, make sure you start looking for a ring early! 2. Budget for the Ring For some, picking the engagement ring is the easy part- its having the money for it that becomes a little more difficult. It is always important to have a certain budget in your mind before making a final decision. While it already sounds stressful, Mervis helps everyone find an engagement ring within their budget, especially though through our financing program or even the trade-up policy. 3. Do Some Research Giving yourself a deadline of when to buy an engagement ring is never a good idea. The experience will become much more stressful which is something that nobody wants. It is always important to do a little bit of research before, as it will make you feel more confident in choosing the perfect ring. Mervis offers a lot of video tutorials, so make sure to check them out- you will be walking into Mervis as a diamond expert! 4. Get an Idea of What She Likes Having 10 different diamond shapes, plus different diamond settings can be a bit overwhelming. Casually ask her friends or family of what type of ring she would like or look through her jewelry to kind of get an idea. Not only will this make your shopping experience much easier, but you might just get her exactly what she wants-- making both of you two very happy people. Just remember to enjoy shopping for the engagement ring and try not to stress too much. While it is a big decision, it's also an exciting one. I mean, you already found 'the one', everything after that should be easy, right?