Largest D Flawless Briolette Diamond Ever At Auction Sells for $11.1 Million

A 75.36 ct. D-internally flawless briolette Type IIa diamond sold for a record shattering $11.1 million dollars at auction yesterday. This diamond marks the briolette diamond ever to appear at auction. Sold at Christie's Hong Kong, the diamond was estimated to fetch between $8.5 and $12.5 million.

HK_S3218_L1706_75.36ct briolette diamond pendent necklace

The necklace itself, pictured above, showcases the 75 plus carat D-Flawless briolette diamond pendant with a marquise cut purple-pink diamond. Smaller briolette diamonds appear on the 18-karat white and rose gold chain, which is an adjustable length. Diamond cutter William Goldberg spent six months cutting a 160.5 carat rough diamond down to the world's largest and most perfect briolette, a perfectly symmetrical tear drop shaped cut.


Another stunning piece at the auction was a diamond and emerald drop fringe necklace, consisting of eight emeralds set with old European and cushion-cut diamonds, each weighing 10 cts., that sold for $5,712,245. Auction Highlights:
  • A pair of Burmese ruby and diamond ear pendants fetched $3,899,245.
  • An 8.88 ct. oval-shaped Burmese ruby and diamond ring sold for $2,883,965.
  • A 44.53 ct. cushion-shaped Burmese sapphire and diamond necklace by Cartier raked in $2,811,445.
The entire Magnificent Jewels sale netted $82,947,664.