Mervis Girl: Femme Fashionista

The new Mervis Girl doesn’t necessarily fit one personality or style, however the Femme Fashionista Mervis Girl look would definitely be a girl who is always showcasing her best, especially with her Mervis jewelry on. Girl in barHow would you describe Femme Fashionista? “She is in love with fashion and jewelry”- Jessica, 24 “She would definitely stand out in a crowded room as one of the best dressed. Her jewelry and outfit match perfectly with her personality”- Natalie, 28 “She shines just like her jewelry”- Jackie, 20 What jewelry pieces would a Femme Fashionista wear?
  1. Tacori Forever Flirty Bracelet
This Tacori bracelet is one of a kind. With candy-drop gems in various colors, this piece offers a sophisticated, yet flirty look for any occasion. Tacori Forever Flirty Bracelet
  1. Tacori Classic Rock Necklace
Tacori offers a wide selection of fashion jewelry, and this necklace is one that gives a classic look. Coming in a variety of colors, it is meant to be worn for a true fashionista. Tacori Classic Rock Necklace
  1. Tacori Island Rain Earrings
These deep blue studs are perfect to shop around with during the day, as well as for an evening out. The London Blue Topaz is surrounded by a .925 silver bloom. These Island Rain earrings are perfectly matched with other Tacori Island Rain pieces! Tacori Island Rain Earrings