Mervis Matriarch Loses Her Own Engagement Ring

Today I write this blog not as a diamond retailer, but as the grandchild of a Masha Mervis, who recently lost her engagement ring. Masha is the wife of Morris Mervis, the founder of Mervis Diamond Importers, and the mother of Ronnie, Kenny, and Zed Mervis.

She is the true head of the family and so we ask for your help in returning her engagement ring.

She noticed the lost ring when buying shoes on Rockville Pike this past Wednesday afternoon. The yellow gold ring has a center emerald cut diamond and two smaller emerald cut diamonds on either side.

If anyone finds Masha's ring, we are offering a cash reward and the endless gratitude and appreciation of the Mervis family. Masha will also invite you over to the Mervis home for a feast of chicken soup and traditional South African foods.

Masha's love story with Morris is almost too good to be true. Masha had a 6 month visa to visit South Africa and escape Europe before WWII. Morris Mervis and her had been friends in elementary school in Lithuania years prior. When Morris saw her in South Africa, he followed her car and re-united on a Friday night together with her whole family. Almost immediately, he offered to marry her "fictitiously" so that she would get immigration to South Africa and not have to return to Europe. Well the marriage lasted 67 years. He has since passed away but she always kept the ring dear to her.

If you know anything about a found ring - please email Jonathan Mervis directly at

Thank you!