Thank You, Shirley Grande, from all of Maryland, DC and Virginia

thank-you-and-Follow-up Shirley Grande is a rare breed - a good Samaritan, who after finding a diamond ring in a Christmas tree lot, is determined to return the ring to its' rightful owner. Grande found the ring while sweeping up a pile of debris on a Millersville Christmas tree lot. “Probably somebody had taken their gloves off to look at the tree or something and it had fallen off,” she told CBS Baltimore. "It’s an intertwined ring, so I would assume it meant something to somebody." With good Samaritans being so rare nowadays, we would like to take the time to thank you, Shirley Grande, for what you are doing. It is people like you who help change the world. Please help the ring return to its rightful owner and also help us celebrate the kindness of Shirley Grande. People of Maryland, DC and Virginia, please share your thoughts and take a moment to sign your name in thanks for Shirley in the comments section. Although she is not asking for a reward, we would like to offer Shirley a gold ring of her own to say thank you for being such a wonderful person. When the Mervis Matriarch lost her engagement ring, we were unable to locate the ring. It was a devastating loss for Masha Mervis, and we know the owner of the found ring is devastated at the loss of her ring.

Thank you, Shirley Grande and Good Samaritans everywhere.