The diamonds Washington DC brides and brides-to-be dream about

Here's a scenario for all you fabulous Washington DC brides-to-be: Imagine your dream wedding: everything is perfect, from your gorgeous wedding gown, to your exquisite makeup, to your killer heels (because let's face it, you're going to be rocking some head-turning shoes). But what about your wedding ring? The ring helps hold everything together, whether it's a stunning diamond engagement ring or a flawless wedding band. Finding the right diamonds Washington DC has to offer is a snap, with a selection ranging from quaint and reserved to flashy and dazzling. No matter what kind of girl you are, these are sure to tickle your fancy.
Mervis 18K White Gold Round Diamond Pave Band 1/5 ctw
This breathtaking wedding ring by Mervis isn't just any ordinary piece of jewelry, and it wants you to know it. This ring even looks like it came with the intention of out-dressing all the other diamonds Washington DC has on display, with a bouquet of elegant round diamonds nestled along a beautiful white gold band that dreamily intertwines along its length. It's unique design is sure to catch the eye of the entire wedding procession (but not too much, because obviously you're the real belle of the ball here).
Jeff Cooper R-4016/B Wedding Band
The Jeff Cooper R-4016/B Wedding Band is - plain and simple - extraordinary! It brings together two incredible styles into one single wedding ring: you get both the subtle, sleek, silkiness of a platinum polished Gypsy band with the brilliant, glamorous glimmer of 12 flush set Princess cut diamonds. These are diamonds Washington DC brides fall in love with, and for good reason - it's the best of both worlds, displaying both modest charm and bold, sexy allure. You'll have trouble not showing it off (go on, show it off)!
Coast LP2290 Engagement Ring
Keep in mind, the diamonds Washington DC has available aren't just for brides - there are plenty of engagement rings that will make any bride-to-be's heart absolutely burst with joy. For instance, this Coast LP2290 Engagement Ring is as close to the physical embodiment of love as you can come in an engagement ring. Not only will it make any girl's finger pop with its luscious trio of sparkling round diamonds and radiant platinum band that sparkles with gold highlights, but the intricate details along the body of this ring are like a beautiful piece of artwork! The heart design at the center of the band is particularly playful and whimsical. This ring is sure to make any bride-to-be feel like the giddy princess in some romantic fairy tale. When it comes to stunning diamonds Washington DC is the place to find them. Any bride or bride-to-be can easily find a nearby location to peruse the plethora of glamorous jewelry available, or conveniently make an appointment if their schedule is tight. Regardless, both options lead to discovering the perfect, unique diamond for any occasion and the happily ever after every girl dreams about.