Two 160+ Carat Diamonds Found

Gem Diamond Mine has made a once in a lifetime discovery- TWO diamonds weighing over 160 carats each were found in Lesotho. At the end of January, the London-based miner discovered a 162.06 ct. Type II diamond and a 161.74 ct. Type I diamond at its Letšeng mine in Lesotho. Gdm179 The diamonds have been described as "exception" and in "largely undamaged condition" but the company did not offer any speculation as to their quality when cut and polished. “As the diamonds are to be tendered in Antwerp next week, it would be very misleading of me to make any comments with respect to what we regard the clarity and color to be,” says investment relations manager Sherryn Tedder. “Each buyer gets the opportunity to examine the diamonds on tender to make up their own minds as to what they believe the diamond to be worth and to make an offer accordingly.” Although the Type I diamond is an exceptionally large size, Tedder does not believe the 161.74 carat stone will fetch nearly as high of a price as the Type II. Letšeng is no stranger to finding large and impressive diamonds. A mere six months ago, a 12 ct. piece of blue rough was discovered, and in August 2011 it produced the 550 ct. Letšeng Star.